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Although the majority of the attractions are accessible to wheel chair users, the actual country park and beach should be considered as wild and semi wild, open country and not 100% accessible.  We have provided a full breakdown below of what is and isnt accessible around Fort Victoria Country park. 

Accessibility information for Fort Victoria.

Isle of Wight Reptilarium - Accessible to visitors in wheelchairs, two gentle ramps into / out of the terrapin sanctuary section, wheelchair users may require assistance on the ramps. Inside the Reptile rooms, especially the nocturnal room, are dimly lit which may be an issue for visitors with poor vision. Some enclosures may not be 100% viewable from chair height, depending on style of mobility device. The Reptilarium is a visual experience and therefore may not be suited to people with poor vision. Service dogs welcome.  

Island Planetarium - Owing to being built partially underground in the old fort building the planetarium dome and Robert Hooke exhibition are only accessed by going down a small flight of stairs so therefore currently not accessible to wheelchair users.

HMS Gladiator exhibition - Accessible to wheelchair users, there may be some information panels that are difficult to read from chair height depending on vision. Exhibition comprises, photos, objects and text with a short audio / visual presentation. 

Museum Gift Shops - Accessible to wheelchair users, some areas of the shop (pirates cabin & Mythical menagerie) are not 100% accessible, wheelchair users can view these areas but will require assistance to reach items for sale, staff able to assist. Visitors with sensory issues may need to be aware there is a "jump scare" animatronic dragon in the museum gift shops. 

Imaginarium - Accessible to wheel chair users. 

Cafe - Accessible to all

Toilets - Disabled facilities provided

Car Park - Plenty of spaces, however no spaces are marked so there are no designated disabled bays. 

Grounds surrounding the fort, grassed areas, sea wall - All of these are accessible and fairly level, but maybe uneven in places. 

Fort Roof Top - Only accessible by going up stairs

Beach - the beach is not accessible to chair users currently. 

Country Park - The Country Park  is not 100% accessible to chair users, there is a central path running through the country park that is hard and firm with some loose chipping and wide enough for chairs to access. To access this path, you need to park in the car park and then go back along the entrance road until the road forks into an unmade road, this is the start of the track. 


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